What to do if you have a mole working on your property

As a homeowner, it is your instinct to try and protect your valuable lawn. We understand this.
However, this is a battle you cannot afford to lose, and it is essential that whatever strategy you employ must not make matters worse.

We have frequently been called to gardens that resemble a scene from the Somme.
This situation has come about through the householder or gardener attempting to rid his land of the nuisance pest instead of calling in the services of a professional mole trapper.

Affordable mole catching services in Hampshire

We urge you to forego DIY efforts as they invariably do more harm than good. It is a contentious issue amongst mole trappers as to whether or not a “spooked” mole becomes trap shy due to the efforts of an amateur trapper, but experience tells us it is better not to educate the culprit!

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