Traditional Mole Catchers working in Hampshire

Once upon a time, a Mole Catcher would be found in most villages throughout the UK, their services taken for granted (almost a part of the scenery), but after the second world war life in the country seemed to speed up, and this ancient traditional occupation was abandoned as people looked for a faster way of life and "interesting" better-paid jobs.

Until a few decades ago the "Traditional Mole Catcher" was almost extinct, but more recently, particularly following the withdrawal of strychnine, almost forgotten trapping methods have come to the fore again. Old techniques, adapted to modern times and using the latest mole traps have introduced a new generation of 'traditional molecatcher'.

Traditional mole catcher Hampshire

We have retired our horse and cart, dragged ourselves into the 21st century and are no longer limited to one parish, in fact, Hampshire Mole Catchers cover almost all Hampshire.
Often guided to your door by 'space-age' technologies like satellite navigation and pending the cheap availability of transporter technology to 'beam-up' the moles from your lawn, we come back to earth with a bump and get out our traps.

We realize there are many folk tales and myths about catching or deterring moles, and we have probably heard them all. We know there are various sonic, wind-powered and vibrating mole deterrents out there. Do they work?

We CAN and DO catch moles on a daily basis. We CAN and WILL catch your mole if you give us a call or send us an email.

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