Get rid of moles
Fast, efficient and humane mole control.

mole catching service throughout hampshire

For farmers and gardeners, the humble mole can mean diseased livestock, unusable silage and ruined lawns.
Digging 20 meters of tunnels every day,
they can even destroy crops by disturbing roots and drying out the soil.
But Hampshire Mole Catchers can get rid of moles, employing efficient methods of trapping and humane mole control.

We are acutely aware many people are understandably concerned about the techniques employed to get of rid moles from their property. Such concern is to be commended.
The killing of any animal may seem harsh, but unfortunately, lethal trapping is the only successful way to cure your mole problem.

We are often asked if it is possible to remove moles alive and relocate them elsewhere.
This is not an act of kindness. Far from it.
Due to their high metabolism and their need to feed regularly, any confinement within a live-catch trap, is anything but humane.
The unfortunate captive will be left in a weakened state and unable to survive on strange ground, amongst rival moles.
These amazing creatures are extremely territorial and will soon kill any interloper who strays into their territory.
One also has to take into account the legalities of such an action.
The abandonment of Animals Act 1960, section 1 makes it an offence to release an animal into the environment if it does not have a reasonable chance of survival.

We use several different types of mole trap for varying situations and soil structures. All traps used are designed to dispatch the mole as quickly as possible. They are checked regularly and are maintained in good order.
Any trap that shows signs of wear or looks as though it is becoming “tired” with weakened springs is immediately discarded.

These traps were designed and perfected by operatives over many years and in our opinion are definitely (if used correctly) the most effective and humane method of dispatching a mole.

putange mole trap