Mole Catchers Working in Hampshire

Hi there, thank you for visiting our website. We hope we can be of service. You have arrived at this page for a reason, and will already be aware moles can create absolute devastation upon your property.

Hampshire Mole Control

Hampshire Mole Catchers is made up of two fully experienced operatives who are specialist mole trappers in their own right and choose to work in separate areas of Hampshire. Paul covers the Andover, Basingstoke and Winchester areas and Phil covers the Wickham, Bishops Waltham and Waterlooville areas. If you are uncertain if we cover your area, simply enter the first part of your postcode into our postcode search facility at the top of each of our pages or visit our Hampshire Mole Catching Area Map to find your nearest contact.

Hampshire Mole Catchers provide traditional mole trapping methods that quickly and reliably remove nuisance moles from your gardens, paddocks and agricultural land.
We do not use any poisons or toxic gas.

Hampshire Mole Catchers

We prefer to use traditional trapping methods which will efficiently remove your moles discretely and humanely. We choose to use a proven, tried and tested and always successful trapping program as opposed to the many other weird and frequently bizarre old wife's tales, simply because we genuinely believe this system of wildlife management provides a satisfactory conclusion to your dilemma.

There are various theoretical mole deterrents available to you, such as electronic and sonic repellents, smoke bombs which give off noxious gases, windmills, Jeyes fluid, creosote and even mothballs, but after years of practical experience, it is our opinion that none of these techniques produces a lasting victory.

The first thing that you, as our much-valued client will be thinking is, Will the treatment be successful, and how much will it cost?
Prices can vary, depending on several factors.
Mole trapping is a reasonably labour-intensive business, in as much as, the trapper will have to visit your garden to see the extent of the problem. This brief survey is undertaken for no charge because an assessment is for our benefit. We need to know what we are facing.
Once traps are in situ, they need checking regularly, and this entails several visits which have to be taken into account.
Once we have surveyed the situation, we will be able to give you an idea of price.
As for success, well, we are skilled and experienced trappers and rarely fail to get our mole. If we do not remove your problem, you will not be asked to pay a penny. We cannot be fairer than that.

Hampshire Mole Catchers guarantee to work for you on the traditional agreement of a No Catch, No Fee basis.
In other words, on the rare occasion that we do not succeed in catching your mole, you do not pay us!
Please bear in mind we do not charge a call-out fee and will be happy to provide you with a free site survey and a firm quote to undertake this most important work.

If you think you have a mole problem that needs sorting out, please feel free to visit the Hampshire Mole Catching Area Map to find out which of us covers your region.

Be sure to check the page what to do if you have a mole

Pricing will vary for each job, and you will be quoted on inspection of the problem.